Our History

On September 13, 1839 thirteen settlers in Davenport met at the home of John Eldridge for the purpose of worshipping regularly.  That meeting was the beginning of today's First Baptist Church.

We are thought to be the oldest continuous Protestant congregation in Davenport.  In May of 1842 Antoine Le Claire gave the congregation a lot at the corner of Fourth and Brady, which became the first "church home" of the congregation.  Mr. Le Claire was quite generous to the church considering he was the Catholic faith.  This shows that even from the earliest days of our church we were willing to work with others who were not of our own faith for the greater glory of God.

At one time, the church was called "Calvary Baptist Church."  This name is still etched in the stained glass above the front doors of the church.  In 1968, the church was renamed to the "First Baptist Church" due, in part, to being the oldest Baptist congregation in the city of Davenport.

A short history of the First Baptist Church of Davenport, Iowa