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P.U.N.C.H. People Uniting Neighbors and Churches

PUNCH was established in 2006 by 5 churches on the hilltop in Davenport, Iowa.  First Baptist was one of the original 5 churches.  Now there are 8 churches actively involved in community events.




Community Gardens
Onions, Lettuce, Chard, and Herbs ready to pick.  Call (563)323-2765 or check here for dates and times to help out.
Gardens Located at the following:
1401 Perry St. - First Baptist Church
14th / Harrison - Third Missionary Church
15th & Scott Street

2023 PUNCH Events at First Baptist 



You can donate supplies for Blessing Box to our Church Office and we will get them to the Lincoln Center for distribution.


“A Box Full of Blessings”

Please be a blessing to others by donating a monetary gift or any of the following

Items Needed :

Personal Products                Cleaning Products                 Paper Products

Tooth paste/brushes             Bathroom Cleaners              Paper towels

Mouthwash                            Household Cleaners             Toilet Paper

Deodorant                              Disinfectant Wipes               Kleenex

Soap/Body Wash                   Dish Detergent                    Fabric Softener

Lotion/Vaseline                      Laundry Products                Shampoo/Conditioner        

Detergent                               Sanitizer                                   Bleach

Fabric Softener

There are some events held here at First Baptist Church with PUNCH  -

Community Gardening - We have 8 raised garden boxes ready for people to adopt and garden for the summer, then harvest the vegetables for themselves.  If you are interested in one of the garden boxes call church office at (563)323-2765.  Gardening boxes are FREE to adopt.

We have an open garden outside of the fenced area that produce from that area will be available to anyone wanting to pick it when it is ready to be harvested.  

For more PUNCH Events and information click on the link below to go to their website.

Memorial to the Lost August 12-October 8

Memorial Display will start at First Presbyterian Church on Saturday, August 12 and move every Saturday to a new location until the final destination on October 8 at The Center .  More Information to come on the final event on October 8. Watch for the display as you drive through the neighborhood.

Schedule for Memorial to the Lost 

August 26            Salvation Army - 100 Kirkwood Blvd.

September 2       Third Missionary Baptist Church - 222 W. 14th St.

September 9       First Baptist Church of Davenport - 1401 Perry St.

September 16     Sacred Heart Cathedral - 422 E. 10th St.                       

September 23     Trinity Episcopal Cathedral - 121 W. 12th St.

September 30     Bethel AME Church - 323 W. 11th St.

October 7            St. John’s United Methodist Church - 109 E. 14th St.


Please join us for a Day of Remembrance

at The Center / 1411 Brady St., on Sunday, October 8 at 1:00 PM


We will spend time remembering and honoring our loved ones, and supporting each other.

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