Community Connections

Below are links and information on community resources to help with health, senior care, food assistance, and many more.  If you need assistance with these resources, feel free to call June in the church office.

Senior Care Resources

Our website provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support and care options to the senior community and their family members. With them having a better idea of their options, it allows them the security when they make their choices, like being able to find a place near you.
Click on one of the following to go to for either Davenport, Iowa or all of Iowa Assistance.

Food Assistance 

  Riverbend Food Bank

Looking for food assistance, volunteer opportunity, or donation information.  Check out the Riverbend Food Bank website to find nearest food pantry and hours, volunteer information, and donation information.  If you need trasportation assistance, contact the church office (563)323-2765.

Food Initiative Assistance from Vine Ministry and PUNCH 
  The above ministries are also a source for assistance with food and non-food supplies.  PUNCH is helping operate the food pantry and blessing box distribution at JB Young Opportunity Center on Saturdays from 8 am to Noon.  Vine Ministry and PUNCH are distributing baked goods on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8 am to 10 am at Lincoln School at 318 7th Street in Davenport on the 8th Street side of the building.  
  Fresh Produce 
  PUNCH and Hilltop Group have several Greenhouse and Community Gardens that are being planted now in May and will very soon have a multitude of fresh vegetables and herbs ready to be harvested by volunteers or yourself.  The produce is all FREE and if you visit a garden and see a weed or two and want to pull them while picking tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc. feel free to help out.  If you want exact location information , call (563)323-2765 for more information.
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